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12/15 Landisville Co-op,Vineland to merge • Members of the Vineland Produce Cooperative and the Landisville Cooperative Association okayed a . . . .

12/1 Rigolizzo re-elected NJFB presidentFarm Bureau ponders future ag use for the Port of Salem • By MARK POWELL • In an event-filled convention Nov. 13 and 14 in Cape May, New Jersey Farm Bureau delegates re-elected vegetable farmer John Rigolizzo Jr. as president and pushed . . . .

11/15 14.6 % of state’s dairy farms go out • By MARK POWELL The decline in U.S. dairy farms is continuing. In the Mid-Atlantic states, the drop is most dramatic in New Jersey, which saw a 14.6 percent . . . .

11/1 An attempt to control land use • NJFB says state water quality regs are ... • By BRIAN BERTHIAUME - Concern is growing among New Jersey farmers about the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) water quality rules proposal. According to the New Jersey Farm Bureau, “informal reports . . . .

10/15 FB fights zoning change in court • By MARK POWELL - Hunterdon County farmers are now being interviewed by lawyers in a lawsuit of East Amwell Township. New Jersey Farm Bureau .....

10/1Do you want to hunt bear? Not in N.J., you won’t

9/15 9.6 million bushels of corn forecast for 2000

9/01 New ethics rule proposed for CADBs

8/15 45 farms get SADC funding

8/01 Jany to head State Board of Ag

7/15 Whitman slashes Rutgers’ ag viability proposal

7/01 Growers: ‘3rd party audit is unrealistic’

6-15 Crop insurance bill is a ‘victory’

6-01 SADC is saving taxpayer dollars

5-15 Malenchs work to ensure quality kale

5-01 Drought checks are on the way

4-15 Jersey corn fuel idea draws lots of farmer interest

4-01 AFBF sues EPA in California case

3-15 Ethanol plant considered by N.J. grain producers

3-01 NJDA to focus on organic marketing

2-15 Ag viability initiatives
supported at Atlantic City

2-01 Baby corn? It might be in your future

1-15 Apply now for ’99 drought aid

1-01 Rigolizzo talks for U.S. agriculture